Project Services

Mappiah Professional Business Solutions Unit (MPBSU) services guide firms/organizations through their entire IP surveillance deployment project life cycle – satisfying your detail needs and requirements.

We have the capacity and resources to:

  1. Meet your technological and business requirements through our extensive application development experience and access to a multi-facet connection to partner organizations.
  2. Assist in outlining and developing your IP surveillance vision, objectives, requirements, strategies and implementation plan to align with your business objectives.
  3. Customize IP surveillance applications; when an out-of-the-box CCTV solution does not fit your situation, we can deliver modular, flexible custom solutions ranging from targeted applications for a specific requirement to enterprise solutions to support day-to-day operations.
  4. Develop your independence. We will share our knowledge and provide the right skill-building assistance to help you become independent at managing your IP surveillance installation and project(s).

IP Surveillance Management Solutions

Mappiah and its partners have cutting edge IP surveillance software management solutions ready to meet the client needs. Some of our IP surveillance management applications include (but not limited to):


IPS Sabotage Detection Solution:

For partner Camera Application Platform enabled cameras and encoders is an intelligent video analytics module for real-time alerting in case of camera tampering attempts (covering, redirecting, spraying). It recognizes forms and positions of contours and allows the exact identification of deviations. This facilitates the immediate detection of tampering attempts, which substantially improves the reliability of video surveillance systems. Installation and configuration is straightforward and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Axis Cross Line Detection Application:

This is a trip-wire application installable on ubiquity network cameras. The application detects moving objects that cross a virtual line making it possible to automatically signal incidents. Cross Line Detection will increase system efficiency by reducing bandwidth and storage needs and facilitate search of recorded events.


IP Camera Video Motion Detection:

This is an easy to configure application installable on ubiquity network cameras and encoders. The application detects moving objects within a predefined area of interest, making it possible to automatically trigger an event.


Aimetis People Counter Tool:

This is an intelligent video analytics application for use with qualified IP camera models. The application is ideal for retail environments, schools, banks, recreation facilities, prisons, airports and other environments that require intelligent customer and operational insight despite constraints on budgets, bandwidth and IT infrastructure support. The application can operate as a fully functional intelligent video surveillance stand-alone product, or can be used with video management software.


eLPR – Embeded License Plate Recognition Solution:

This is compatible with a number of a number of cameras from different vendors. Support for speeds up to 40 mph the application records plate images to the internal SD card, and alerts against the user defined watch-list. eLPR integrates with ipConfigure ESM or 3rd party VMS’s through an open API.


Vi-Search Video Search & Forensic Analysis:

This is an application for video search and forensic analysis, enabling rapid and effective retrieval and presentation of specific video segments, events and data from recorded video. Users conduct search queries and results are retrieved automatically from the recorded video, replacing time-consuming, ineffective manual review. Vi-Search enables instantaneous forensic searches, traffic route and heat map analysis, and extraction of statistical data for security, post-event analysis and business intelligence applications.


Cloud based Video Surveillance:

Access your camera over the Internet. Watch live video and surveillance archive from anywhere, in your browser or using iPhone / iPad / Android apps. Ivideon is a cloud-based service which makes video surveillance super easy. A rich set of features includes traffic encryption, camera access sharing, AVI video export that is just to name a few. It is even possible to embed a live video feed into your website!

IT Service Management

We manage IT and business services to drive business growth and innovation by establishing a sustainable, service-centric approach.

Our IT service management helps customers reduce costs, meet compliance requirements, manage risk, and focus on fulfilling strategic business goals. Here is a summary of what we do:

  1. Plan, deliver, manage, and continually improve the lifecycle of client’s IT and business services with service management solutions.
  2. Strategy and Portfolio Management: We establish project and program governance while improving portfolio and asset management
  3. Business Service Management: Monitor and manage technology-enabled services to meet business performance expectations
  4. IT Service Management: Automate process and improve the IT service management of your IT operations
  5. Change and configuration management: Reduce risk by improving your ability to plan, implement, and manage changes within your IT environment
  6. Consolidated service desk: Decrease time to resolve service outages by automating your incident, request, problem, and service level management processes
  7. Infrastructure management- Reduce your costs by automating your operations and systems management

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