Industry Challenges

The next decade will reshape the industry. Internet protocol technology allows telecom companies to offer broader entertainment services but also permits new entrants to attack the established players’ fixed-voice profit pool. Mobile markets are reaching saturation. Telecom companies are entering the IT business and adopting different business models that may dilute margins.

In this turbulent environment, telecom companies must address several core questions:

  • What role should we play in the media ecosystem? When and where should we invest in infrastructure, such as fiber?
  • How can we lower subscriber acquisition and retention costs without disrupting market share?
  • How far should we move into IT services to protect relationships with key corporate clients?
  • Can we redesign our systems to improve customer satisfaction while reducing cost?
  • How can we fund large investments like fiber-to-the-home and mobile broadband?
  • What role should we play in regional and global consolidation?



Mappiah Competencies

Our experts work closely in this industry with senior executives on a range of key strategic and operational issues.
Customer segments: Convergence & media; ICT portfolio, Mobile & VAS; customer value mgt; go-to-market/channel strategy
Network & IT: New technology rollout; business process design; IT strategy; Cost & CAPEX rationalization
We work together with our customers to solve their most challenging issues, provide numerous benefits:

  • A fresh perspective on industry trends and best practices developed through our global/local experts
  • Expertise in untraditional areas, such as television, media, advertising, and information and communications technologies
  • A rigorous, fact-based approach
  • A “collaborative while challenging” teaming model that leaves clients with greater skills

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