We ensure vital and deliver best value for customers in the following areas:

A) IT strategy—Our comprehensive IT strategy services help organizations shape the direction of IT to maximize shareholder and business value. We assist organizations in developing:

  • A comprehensive IT strategy, including IT opportunity assessment, shareholder value diagnosis and IT investment prioritization.
  • Strategies for all key components of IT, including information strategy, IT sourcing strategy, IT systems strategy and IT infrastructure strategy.


B) Enterprise architecture—We help organizations establish and implement a vision, road map and governance for the use of information technology to address today’s business needs and support future growth. Our services comprise:

  • Custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development.
  • Development and implementation of enterprise architecture governance and architecture team operating models.
  • Use of industry-specific enterprise architecture blueprints that leverage Accenture High Performance Business industry research and process models, as well as our extensive industry experience


C) IT transformation—Our IT transformation services help companies drive significant, sustained change to their IT organization’s processes, technology and culture. Our services comprise:

  • IT capability maturity evaluation
  • IT workforce analysis and transformation
  • IT and architecture governance design
  • IT organization design
  • IT operating model design
  • Comprehensive end-to-end implementation services


D) IT process excellence—We assist organizations in implementing efficient IT processes and an integrated IT tool landscape to achieve operational excellence, a cornerstone of cost-effectively supporting growth and high performance. Our services among others comprise:

  • IT solution delivery optimization.
  • Improvement of IT supply and demand processes
  • Enhancement of IT governance and management
  • Implementation of IT process frameworks and integrated tooling support

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