Industry Challenges

Technology companies face common challenges. Whether they make products or offer services, these companies operate at high speeds. Their goods and services can quickly become commodities, forcing them to innovate continually.

As a result, they face a number of crucial strategic and operational questions:

  • In what part of the value chain should we play?
  • Should we focus on specific customer groups or applications?
  • How should we partner with other players?
  • How can we become an innovation leader and capture higher margins?
  • How can we rapidly reduce cost in order to counter constant price declines?
  • How can we achieve a truly global presence?



Mappiah Competencies

We help our technology companies address their most important issues:

  • Transition from hardware to software and services
  • Evolution of demand to developing countries
  • Move toward customer-centric solutions
  • Mergers and acquisitions and other forms of consolidation in maturing markets
  • Convergence between telecom and media and the need to develop new ecosystems
  • Make, buy, or partner decisions across a deconstructed value chain
  • Creation of strong sales and marketing organizations
  • Coordination of global capabilities and scale with local market knowledge
  • Unrelenting cost reduction
  • Protection of valuable intellectual property rights

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