Process optimization, device management, end-to-end processes, real-time decisions, and data integration are just some of the critical topics that are increasingly demanding the attention of enterprises and businesses worldwide. To be current and to stay on top of these trends and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the IoT, companies need to optimize their existing services or develop new ones. The Mappiah IoT project services provides key support in this process – starting from the customer inquiry, continuing through incorporating device data, and all the way to payment.


BPM Projects – Methodology

The challenges faced by companies when implementing IoT projects based on business process management (BPM) and business rules management (BRM) must not be underestimated. Significant efforts are required to coordinate the activities of different organizational units and individuals, and to correlate processes across different application systems and information sources.

The merits of our methods applied to IoT projects includes but not limited to:

  • Reduction of implementation time
  • Acceleration of ROI (return on investment)
  • Reduction of project risks
  • Reduction of project costs


In light of our own very positive experience and numerous customer requests, we provide integrated business process management (IBPM) project methodology to incorporate an additional agile method. The agile BPM project methodology supplies the processes that the client actually needs, while dispensing with the laborious implementation of instructions that may be lacking in practical relevance.



BPM Project – Support Services

Mappiah IoT Unit helps companies and agencies support their customers in introducing and using the integrated project methodology. In addition to analyzing the process model (classic or agile) that suits your project, we also offer you various quick-checks in the field of solution architectures and documenting them in accordance with IBPM. The main focus here is on “enabling” the client’s associates to apply the integrated project methodology in a manner that precisely matches the needs of their company.




In the connected world, partnerships between businesses are becoming more important than ever. That’s because no single company can successfully tackle all of the increasingly complex challenges on its own.

Mappiah have close partnerships with key IoT stakeholders.

These partnerships include anything from technology partnerships and service partnerships to groups of companies that have decided to jointly market their products. If companies can model and implement these partnerships using software, they can cooperate more quickly and efficiently, benefiting all involved.

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