Mappiah IoT Services focuses on supporting customers in growing their IoT business by improving revenue, becoming more operationally efficient, and by seamlessly evolving their business to meet current and future demands.
Our technology leadership, business understanding, and extensive experience with managing IoT projects make us the market leader in telecom services.



Consulting & Implementation

Develop IoT APIs

At Mappiah we have a team that developing APIs for IoT eco-system. Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) will play a pivotal role in the large-scale delivery of IoT services and applications. IoT hardware is not the end game: The profits, margins, and innovations will come from the new products and services built on open, flexible APIs.


Services Packages

Our Services Packages are standardized offerings with a defined scope and fixed price. They cover a variety of multi-vendor based IoT solutions and business process management tasks and are designed to help you:

  • Reduce IoT deployment and implementation time.
  • Quickly adopt new IoT technologies.
  • Improve productivity and operational effectiveness.


Services Packages are available to customers and partners. They comprise:

  • Seminars/Workshops: Interactive, hands-on technology transfer to help you become self-sufficient in using multivendor IoT solutions and technology. Seminar/Workshop-based Services Packages cover specific IoT technologies and industry-related activities.
  • QuickStart: Designed to help you quickly become self-sufficient in deploying, implementing, and managing IoT projects. QuickStart Services Packages typically provide knowledge transfer and best practices for the use of IoT solutions.
  • Help Center: Provides a defined remote support (Email/Phone/Social Media) and assistance after the conclusion of a seminar or QuickStart Services.



Rent-an-Engineering Services

Define the type and extent of services you need and have that support delivered quickly through a flexible program, which provides short-term technical consulting services to potential and existing customers. Rent-an-Engineering services are intended to help you:

  • Get the support you need when you need it.
  • Develop your self-sufficiency.
  • Focus on your project while tapping into our expertise.


To request Rent-an-Engineering Services, contact Mappiah for a quote for customized services or consider whether one of our IoT Services can meet your needs.

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