Market Share/Size & Forecasts

Mappiah uses a time-proven forecasting means, developed and refined over the several years.

  • Our predictions and forecasts are developed from and linked to actual “on the field” data, and we routinely update these data and review both short- and/or long-term forecasts with each report delivery, providing compelling reasoning for adjustments
  • We tap from our detail on-demand-side research, supply-side research, and knowledge of services, products, and technologies to provide reliable accurate forecasts, representing and reflecting data from all regions of the market


Our timely biannual, annual, and half yearly services provide:

  • Worldwide, regional, and select by-country analysis and forecasts
  • Product category, showing vendors and products tracked by groups
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis, including fundamental drivers of the market, top player and segment analysis, product developments, and customer wins
  • Equipment, service, and subscriber forecasts for service provider, enterprise, and consumer markets
  • Highlights from our demand-side studies and research
  • Overall wireless/telecoms market, software & technology, and electronic media drivers with excerpts from different service provider CAPEX reports

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