Economics is at the heart of most of the decisions that businesses make. It provides a rigorous framework, identifying what factors really matter to decisions, focusing information gathering efforts and providing insight for decision makers. Many of the powerful econometric and modelling techniques that are increasingly used in regulatory and competition proceedings can be brought to bear on practical business problems.


Mappiah has assisted many blue-chip clients with strategy and policy questions of central importance to their continued success. For example, we have assisted with:

  • understanding how to bid in auctions and sealed-bid tenders;
  • modelling customers’ demand to understand what aspects of products and services they really value;
  • determining how customers respond to price changes in order to optimise profitability;
  • forecasting take-up for new services; and
  • predicting the competitive implications of mergers.


We have deployed a wide range of quantitative techniques to assist clients, for example:

  • game theory applied to competition and bidding processes;
  • econometric analysis of customer data and conjoint surveys;
  • forecasting and time series analysis; and
  • real options models of sequential decision-making under uncertainty.


Often the most important aspect of our assignments is understanding our client’s problem and providing a systematic framework for decision-making. Our clients often appreciate the fresh insights that our approach can bring. We are experienced with facilitating discussions between the stakeholders in key business decisions and interacting with clients at the highest level.


Mappiah decision support and strategy consulting services also include:

  • market analysis for due diligence;
  • analysis of competitive dynamics and value chains for long-run business strategy;
  • negotiation strategies;
  • assistance with valuation and bidding strategies;
  • design of procurement and asset disposal processes;
  • demand analysis, estimation of price elasticities and price optimisation;
  • benchmarking internal efficiency;
  • benchmarking asset prices in licensing and acquisition processes;
  • advanced valuation techniques including real options modelling.

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