Industry Challenges

The media industry is continuously evolving. New platforms, such as online, mobile, and social networking, are driving major shifts in consumer behavior and advertising. Companies are rethinking—and possibly blowing up—their business models.

In this environment, all media companies must address some critical questions:

  • How can we develop a path through the changing competitive landscape?
  • How can we protect our traditional business while building new revenue streams?
  • How can we leverage our brand, content, and audience through these new platforms?
  • How can we prevent the erosion of advertising revenue and profitability?
  • How can we improve operational cost efficiency and effectiveness?
  • How can we ensure liquidity and maintain financial strength?



Mappiah Competencies

Mappiah work with global and local media players to address strategic and operational issues across all categories and topics.

Content creation: Movie/TV/Studios; video games; web/mobile contents; rights mgt;

Aggregation: TV Networks, Radio stations; Digital Contents Services; Portals/Social Networking; B2B Info

Distribution: Satellite Distributors; Cable distributors; IP-based distributors; Cinemas: Entertainment venues

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