We provide some examples of our services as follows:

  • Tendering RAN design solutions for global clients
  • Supervise team, coordinate partners & sub-contractors.
  • Superior technical knowledge on Ericsson/Huawei/Cisco/NSN Radio design tools and methods.
  • Radio Network Design, Optimization services for GSM, EDGE and WCDMA, LTE


2G/3G/4G Radio Network Planning and Optimisation:

  • Radio Network Pre-planning – network dimensioning, Site Survey/Selection
  • Network planning – Link Budget, Frequency hopping, Equipment enhancements, cell/network coverage, radio network/RNC capacity planning, RAN interface and connectivity design, spectrum efficiency/ frequency planning, Parameter planning, Handovers, Radio interface channel configuration in WCDMA/UMTS/LTE, Spread Phenomenon – rate matching
  • Network Optimisation – KPI’s definition, Network performance monitoring/assessment, coverage, capacity & quality enhancements, parameter tuning.


Transmission Network Planning and Optimisation:

  • Pre-planning in Transmission Network – network requirements, Equipment Location, Network Topology, Site selection & LOS Survey, Fresnel radius planning, microwave link planning, error performance and availability
  • Detail Plans – Frequency Planning, Sychronisation planning, transmission network management planning


Core Network Planning, Design & Optimisation

  • Network Planning process – Network analysis, network dimensioning, signalling network dimenisioning, Failure Analysis and protection, Data collection Analysis, core network optimisation plan

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