Scoping & Site Services

Our subject matter experts are competent in the following site services:

  • Develop solution plans for the telecom operators/delivery organizations including site acquisition, construction and new customer acquisition opportunities.
  • Deep breadth of general functional knowledge of end-to-end site solutions.
  • Analyze complex customer requirements and translate to applicable solution.
  • Tender coverage calculations, theoretical studies and/or predictions.
  • Tender traffic and capacity calculations.
  • Tender dimensioning and selection of radio equipment, antennas and combiners.
  • Tender dimensioning and selection of BSC and/or RNC nodes, Power, frequency and interference analysis.

Subject Matter Expert – Service & Scoping

  • Experience in preparing scoping, costing and pricing for all support offerings for RFP’s and RFI’s.
  • Practical experience in responding to customer requests for information or design solutions.
  • Convert the latest HW and SW features into practical radio optimized designs.

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