We can provide turnkey telecom solutions for Mining industries. Our teams of engineers can design, plan, deploy and implement end-to-end telecom solutions.

Telecom Services & tracking for Underground Mines

Mappiah communications systems takes a mine’s LAN underground, offering a quantum leap in bandwidth and hence, data quality and capacity. Deployed with major mine operations around the world, its all-in-one infrastructure provides the majority of a mine’s communication requirements, such as:

  • Tracking via Wi-Fi RFID tags
  • Duplex & Conference communications with VoIP telephones
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics and payload data
  • Automated traffic control systems
  • Remote video
  • Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n applications and devices

Tagging System

Locator and Tracker relies on active RFID tags being detected by high precision readers (our dependable WLAN Access Points).
Tracking underground enables more cost-effective use of resources through the better management of vehicle fleets and personnel. Furthermore, the tracking system provides a powerful safety tool, particularly in the time following any major incident underground.


Proximity Detection System

Mappiah has extended our RFID tracking system to allow proximity detection for workers around mobile equipment underground. The proximity detection system uses vehicle-mounted RFID receivers and processing units to alert drivers of personnel or other vehicles entering their vicinity.
Unlike other proximity or collision avoidance systems, Mappiah’s system provides multiple proximity distinct zones (for e.g inner and outer) for multiple levels of alert.


Through-the-Earth Emergency Communications

Mappiah have the capacity to deploy a through-the-earth (TROTE) communication system installed in remote mining environments. TROTE unique ability to transmit directly through hundreds of meters of rock strata enables it to provide true mine-wide signal coverage. As such TROTE can be used in mines as the primary emergency communication system, as well as a general day to day communication system.


Mappiah Leaky Feeder Radio System

Mappiah has an advanced VHF leaky feeder radio system available, and is capable of multi-channel, duplex telephony and high speed data. The VHF leaky system also enables applications in telemetry and remote blasting.


Unified Communications

We partner with various telecom OEM/ODM vendors to deliver a suite of network applications that integrate public address, general alarm, CCTV and Unified Communications (IP calls, video chats and conferences using broadband internet). Working closely with a solid team of suppliers, we have several years of experience in providing our customers with reliable end-to-end communications solutions. And we can back up our systems with a full life-cycle service support so your systems are always up-to-date with the latest hardware and software.

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